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BC Hospitality Group is one of Denmark’s largest companies within the hotel, conference, trade show and hospitality sector. They base their work on the concept of Responsible Hospitality. This means that, in addition to delivering the best possible service for their guests and customers, they also take responsibility for the impact that their business has on society, the environment and their surroundings.

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At BC Hospitality Group we place Responsible Hospitality at the heart of everything we do, operating a profitable business while practicing, inspiring and advocating for sustainable change. We do this at every level, from self-initiated efforts in finding innovative new solutions, to supporting significant collaborative initiatives like The International Tourism Partnership to help build a better future for all.

Allan Agerholm our Chief Hospitality Officer / CEO BC Hospitality Group

BC Hospitality Group and Responsible Business

Being Denmark’s leading hospitality company, BC Hospitality Group’s purpose is hosting moments that matter. One of the main drivers for this is living out Responsible Hospitality. Their approach for Hosting Moments That Matter has five focus areas – Careers that Matter, Partnerships that Matter, Make Products Matter, Conserving Resources That Matter and Healthy Living Matters.

The strategic approach to living out Responsible Hospitality is built on a ‘do-no harm’ concept, in other words always adhere to laws and regulations and certifications. Secondly, the business is developed by identifying opportunities that allow the use of sustainability as a driver in the commercial and operational activities. Thirdly, actively advocate for positive change in the community. This is done to inspire change and to learn from others.

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