Denmark’s BC Hospitality Group joins the International Tourism Partnership

  • April 22, 2019


BC Hospitality Group, one of Denmark’s leading hospitality companies, has joined the International Tourism Partnership – a non-profit organisation that brings together the world’s leading hotel companies to drive action on issues affecting society and the planet.

Responsible Hospitality at its core

Established in 2014, BC Hospitality Group is one of Denmark’s biggest businesses in the hotel, conference, exhibition and hospitality industry. Responsible hospitality is a core part of their business. The company manages their impact on society, the environment and their surroundings by identifying sustainable solutions for their commercial and operational activities, while also advocating for positive change in the community.

A unique network driving positive action

BC Hospitality Group’s commitment to inspiring change closely aligns with the work of the International Tourism Partnership (ITP). Together with its members, ITP has focused on four main goals for the hotel sector in carbon, water, youth employment and human rights which contribute towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The ITP Goals are a demonstration of how leading hotel companies are coming together to drive positive action, while also encouraging improvement among the wider hotel industry through shared practices and resources.

Allan Agerholm, Chief Hospitality Officer and CEO for BC Hospitality Group, said: “At BC Hospitality Group we place Responsible Hospitality at the heart of everything we do, operating a profitable business while practicing, inspiring and advocating for sustainable change. We do this at every level, from self-initiated efforts in finding innovative new solutions, to supporting significant collaborations like the International Tourism Partnership to help build a better future for all.”

Madhu Rajesh, Director of International Tourism Partnership, said: “By working together, we can achieve more to address the social and environmental issues that affect the world around us. We are delighted that BC Hospitality Group has become a member. Their principles and experience in responsible hospitality will be a valuable addition to our existing membership, and we look forward to taking collective action to drive the responsibility agenda in the hospitality sector and beyond.”


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