ITC Hotels brings a long history of responsible hospitality to strengthen International Tourism Partnership’s membership in India

  • September 6, 2019


ITC Hotels joins 15 other leading hotel groups as the latest member of International Tourism Partnership (ITP), bringing with them a wealth of expertise and experience in sustainable practice. First launched at the ITC Gardenia in Bengaluru in 2009, today Responsible Luxury resonates at all ITC’s hotels.

Founded in 1975 with many ground-breaking firsts to its credit, ITC Hotels is renowned for delivering a luxury yet sustainable experience for its guests at its 100+ portfolio of properties across 70+ locations. ITC has achieved the global distinction of being the only company in the world of its size to be carbon positive (for 14 years), water positive (for 17 years) and waste positive (for 12 years). Part of the multi-business conglomerate, ITC Ltd., ITC Hotels, in keeping with ITC’s triple bottom line philosophy that encompasses the economic, environmental and social dimensions, pioneered the concept of ‘Responsible Luxury’ in the global hospitality industry. The group’s commitment to ‘Responsible Luxury’ sets a benchmark for the industry as the first premium chain to achieve the prestigious LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum rating for its luxury hotels.

ITC Hotels operates on the philosophy of ‘Responsible Luxury’, demonstrating that luxury and sustainability aren’t at odds but rather, by embedding responsible practices in the build and operation of a hotel, guests can enjoy a luxurious stay and an enhanced experience. This closely aligns with the work of ITP and its membership of leading hospitality companies, working together to secure a more sustainable future for the planet and people around the world. Aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), ITP and its members commit to drive action in four areas: carbon, water, human rights and youth employment.

Announcing their on-going commitment to sustainable growth and greater social responsibility, Mr Nakul Anand, Executive Director of ITC Ltd. said: “Sustainability is a global agenda and far too large to be ignored. We believe all stakeholders need to join forces to ensure a planet positive approach and learning must be shared on a global platform. We look forward to joining our fellow leaders within ITP in setting the standard for sustainable and ethical practice in the hospitality industry.”

Welcoming ITC Hotels, ITP Director, Madhu Rajesh said: “ITP provides a forum for action on environmental and social responsibility within the industry and we are delighted to welcome ITC Hotels to our growing membership.

“By working together, we can achieve more to address the social and environmental issues that affect the world around us. ITC Hotels has a respected and established history of leadership in responsible hospitality and its experience of building sustainable initiatives into its hotels at the design stage will be a valuable addition to the membership. We look forward to ITC Hotels’ expert contribution as ITP continues to drive the responsibility agenda in the hospitality sector and beyond.”


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