Carbon Emissions

Rising carbon emissions are accelerating climate change with devastating impacts on communities and biodiversity.

What’s the problem?

Rising carbon emissions are accelerating climate change with devastating impacts on communities and biodiversity. The hotel sector accounts for around 1% of global emissions and though this may seem small, growth in the sector means that the sector will increase its negative environmental impacts if it does not start to measure and reduce its carbon emissions.

Why act?

The hotel sector needs to account for and reduce its climate impact. More and more countries are introducing mandatory reporting schemes and customers and investors are increasingly expecting hotels to be able to account for their carbon emissions. Responsible businesses are able to respond positively to these requests.

What is ITP doing?

The Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI) is a methodology and tool which enables hotels to measure and report on carbon emissions in a consistent way. It was developed by the International Tourism Partnership and the World Travel & Tourism Council in partnership with KPMG and 23 global hotel

companies. HCMI can be used by any hotel anywhere in the world, from small guesthouses to 5 star resorts. Over 24,000 hotels globally are using HCMI. Working with Greenview , ITP has launched the Hotel Footprinting Tool which allows anyone easy access to the carbon and energy footprint of hotels worldwide.

Implementing the HCMI tool across our hotel portfolio has supported and enabled our managers to share best practice and to understand their sites carbon footprint per guest and meeting room sold. Our managers now look for innovative ways to cut costs on utilities as well as practical approaches to educate and create awareness for our 40,000 team members who work with us and the 20 million customers who visit us every month.

Chris George, Head of Energy & Environment, Whitbread Hotels & Restaurants Group PLC

What can I do next?

Access the Hotel Footprinting Tool here.
Download a free webinar introducing the tool and how to use it here. A video tutorial will walk you through using the tool.
Download the HCMI resources here. We have a webinar available to take you step-by-step through the methodology and calculation tool. Once you have calculated your footprint, use our resources on Green Hotelier to start to reduce it. If you are interested in benchmarking your results, or would like more information, please contact Nicolas Perin.