The International Tourism Partnership is a part of Business in the Community (BITC), the Prince's Responsible Business Network. BITC works with its member companies to create healthy communities with successful businesses at their heart.

Although part of BITC, ITP has its own ITP Board, Executive Committee and Advisory Panel:

ITP Board

The ITP Board comprises of member company representatives at CEO or C-suite level. The chair is drawn from and elected by the members of the ITP Board for a renewable two year term. In an advisory capacity, it provides strategic and operational guidance to the ITP Team to further the mission of ITP, with members acting as ITP ambassadors with key stakeholder groups. The ITP Director, Madhu Rajesh, is a permanent member of the ITP Board and reports on ITP activities. The ITP Board meets annually.

ITP Executive Committee

ITP’s Executive Committee is the more active and operational part of the organisation. Also drawn from ITP members, the committee meets twice a year for collaborative and action-orientated debate and discussion. It is the Executive Committee that, through consensus, guides the activities and programmes of ITP. The Chair of the Executive Committee sits on the ITP Board in an intermediary capacity between the Board and Committee.

ITP Advisory Panel

The Advisory Panel is an international group of leaders in hospitality management, sustainable tourism, research, education and training. The Panel has been established to strengthen the relationship between the hotel, travel, tourism industry and education and research. The aim is to work with leading academics and authorities in sharing, documenting and communicating best practices to the leaders and future leaders of the hotel, travel and tourism industry.

The Advisory Panel consists of Harold Goodwin - Chair, Susanne Becken, Walter Jamieson, Jan Peter Bergkvist, Nancy Loman Scanlon and Gregoir Chikaher.