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Hilton Worldwide are founding members of the International Tourism Partnership and their President, Development, Architecture and Construction, Ian Carter was ITP’s Chairman from 2010 to 2015.

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Through innovation and collaboration with industry and multi-stakeholder organisations, such as the International Tourism Partnership (ITP), we can share best practices, embed sustainability in all facets of our industry and share in the ITP’s mission to provide practical solutions for responsible and sustainable tourism.

Ian Carter - President, Development, Architecture and Construction, Hilton Worldwide.

Hilton Worldwide and Responsible Business

Founded on the basis that travel and tourism enriches people’s lives and provides economic and social benefit to local communities, to this day, Hilton Worldwide is committed to doing the right thing by guests, the environment and local communities. Hilton’s CSR programme, Travel with Purpose has brought together these values for the last seven years, focusing the company’s shared vision and strategic priorities including creating opportunities, strengthening communities, celebrating cultures and living sustainably.

In 2010 the company unveiled LightStay – a propriety system to measure and analyse their sustainability performance. Embedded in this programme is ITP’s Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative, which Hilton were involved in creating alongside other ITP members. Hilton are also actively involved in working groups on Human Trafficking, Supply Chains and Water and Hilton properties in Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam and Romania participate in YCI.

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Helping hotels be the business blueprint for tackling human trafficking

October 3, 2018

A year ago ITP launched our four Goals for 2030 as a call to action to the hotel sector to do better on the critical social and environmental issues most…

ITP launches cutting-edge water risk intelligence for hotels and wider tourism industry

August 30, 2018

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ITP launches Principles on Forced Labour

June 12, 2018

ITP is delighted to unite the hotel industry in its shared commitment to three key Principles on Forced Labour. ITP’s Principles address a critical human rights issue that can affect…

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