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The Indian Hotels Company Ltd. formerly Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces.

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The Indian Hotels Company Ltd reiterates its focus on energy and water conservation and societal development. The milestones achieved today reaffirm and demonstrate our commitment towards building sustainable livelihoods. Our goals are also in line with the Tata ethos of keeping communities at the heart of doing business.

Mr. Raymond Bickson, MD & CEO, The Indian Hotels Company Ltd.

The Indian Hotels Company Ltd. and Responsible Business

The Indian Hotels Company has always been committed to doing business in a responsible way and in 2014 reinstated this commitment by launching EARTH – Environmental Awareness and Renewal at Taj Hotels. This programme aims to consolidate energy conversation and environmental management across over 75 hotel properties. The programme has recently been certified by EarthCheck.

Amongst new sustainability initiatives and 41 new CSR projects, the Indian Hotels Company Ltd. plans to strengthen its commitment to water conservation and are already actively involved in the development of the Hotel Water Measurement Initiative.

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