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Soneva joined ITP in 2014 and although they are our smallest member when it comes to property numbers, they have a big voice when it comes to environmental and social responsibility.

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At Soneva, we strive to provide the inspiration to go one step further for our fragile planet through everything we do. Our core purpose of SLOW LIFE – sustainable, local, organic, wellness, learning, inspiring, fun, experiences – is the moral compass that guides us, whether we are aiming to inspire a guest, an employee, a business partner, a member of our local community or the president of a country. If we are not living our core purpose, we cannot hope to inspire others.

Sonu Shivdasani, Chairman and CEO, Soneva Group

Soneva Residences, Resorts and Spas and Responsible Business

The acronym SLOW LIFE (Sustainable-Local-Organic-Wellness Learning-Inspiring-Fun-Experiences) explains the Soneva philosophy. Their aim is to create unforgettable, enlightening experiences that rejuvenate each guest’s love of SLOW LIFE. Soneva’s aim is to become decarbonising – by implementing programmes that will result in a net absorption of CO2. Impressively, 79% of waste is recycled and water is sourced 100% sustainably. Having established resorts in areas where resources are finite, has forced Soneva to be innovative and sustainable when it comes to waste disposal and energy sources.

Soneva use the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative to calculate their own carbon emissions and are now involved in the creation of the Hotel Water Measurement Initiative.

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