What we deliver

The International Tourism Partnership addresses critical social and environmental issues through collaboration in one of the world's biggest industries. Our deliverables can be broken down into three main areas:

Collaboration and leadership

Collaborative space

A non-competitive forum for members to collaborate on advancing responsible business issues within the hotel industry.

Committee meetings

CSR, HR and marketing leaders in the hotel industry convene at a bi-annual executive committee meeting to address social and environmental issues and determine where collaborative action will lead to a better outcome. Corporate leaders at CEO / C suite level also meet via the ITP Board to set the direction and review progress.


Designed to challenge and bring new ideas to the table, whether it's bringing together the hotel industry's key stakeholders on issues like carbon emissions or water conservation or providing cross-sector insight.


The ITP Team offers on-going support to all of our members in guiding their responsible business agenda.

Practical solutions


The Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative is the hotel industry’s common methodology to measure carbon providing transparency and clear communications.

Youth unemployment

The Youth Career Initiative is a sector-specific programme to tackle the world youth unemployment crisis.

Human trafficking

Developed an industry position statement on human trafficking, incorporating human trafficking survivors in Youth Career Initiative and ongoing resources and research.


Commissioned the Water Risk Assessment report on key hotel development areas. Developed the industry’s first common methodology for measuring and reporting on water consumption in hotels - the Hotel Water Measurement Initiative (HWMI).

Supply chain

Conducted Supply Chain Risk Assessment and provide ongoing resources and research.

ITP Insights

A monthly newsletter for members only summarising 'must know' news and events on sustainability and responsibility within the hotel industry


For members only, on key issues within the hotel industry's responsible agenda.

Green Hotelier

A free online magazine to share and promote best practice within the hotel industry.

Going Green

A guide to the minimum standards required of sustainable hotels.

Know How Guides

Comprehensive online guides covering everything hoteliers need to know on a variety of sustainability and corporate responsibility topics.


ITP’s groundbreaking manuals Environmental Management for Hotels and Sustainable Siting, Construction and Design are now available free of charge on Green Hotelier.