Youth Career Initiative

Enabling vulnerable young people to build a better future

Youth unemployment is a global challenge, with more than 1 in 5 young people not in employment. This threatens the future prosperity of economies around the world and leaves young people at serious risk of poverty and exploitation, particularly those who have experienced challenges.

Supporting 1 in 10 jobs globally, the tourism industry can provide a solution. As a growing global industry with an achievable entry level, good career prospects and jobs to offer, tourism has the potential to lift thousands of the most vulnerable out of poverty.

We believe that everyone should have the same opportunities for education and employment no matter their background.

ITP’s Youth Career Initiative (YCI) offers young people who are particularly vulnerable the opportunity to gain the skills and experience they need to take the first step in their career.

The three-month programme starts with classroom training in basic hospitality and English language skills. Then, through our unique partnership with world-leading hotel companies, we offer hands-on experience within the hotel industry.

We support young people, aged 18-24, who have faced a wide range of barriers, including people from low income families, those living without parental care, survivors of human trafficking, refugees and people with disabilities.

YCI creates an opportunity for both professional and personal development, equipping our graduates with the practical skills and self-belief to reach for greater goals.

Where we operate

The Youth Career Initiative is currently running in 20 different countries around the world:

Bangladesh  ·  Costa Rica  ·  Dominican Republic  ·  Egypt  ·  Ethiopia ·  Guatemala  ·  India  ·  Indonesia  ·  Jordan  ·  Kenya  ·  Maldives
Mexico  ·  Nepal  ·  Nigeria  ·  Senegal  ·  Sierra Leone  ·  Sri Lanka  ·  Thailand  ·  Vietnam  ·  Zambia

Help us to continue to change lives

Our programme uniquely brings together local non-profit organisations with governments, donors and the hospitality industry to help young people to take their first step in their career and reduce their chance of unemployment.

We are seeking partnerships with funders and non-profit organisations to enable the roll out of this life-changing programme to new destinations worldwide.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact:

Anjana Raza – Head of Programmes
tel: +44 207 566 8719

Or use the contact form below:


Key facts

Over 5000 graduates

78% employment rate

8% return to education