Youth Unemployment

Over 75 million young people worldwide are looking for work. Young people are three times more likely to be unemployed than adults.

What’s the problem?

Over 75 million young people worldwide are looking for work. Young people are three times more likely to be unemployed than adults. In low-income economies, many cannot afford to undertake a lengthy job search due to a lack of social provisions. Hence, a lot of young people in developing countries find themselves working in difficult, if not dangerous, conditions, often outside the boundaries of the formal economy.

Why act?

The hotel industry is well-equipped to offer meaningful work and career development options to young people. There are many entry level jobs, a dynamic working environment, and there are few corners of the globe that the industry does not reach. The leisure and tourism industry is one of the leading global economic activities with almost 1 billion international travellers per year. Tourism represents a major source of income, especially in poor countries, and can be seen as a vehicle for development. Hotels, particularly those that operate at the high-end of the market, are often the major employer in developing countries and thus are responsible for the micro economy around them. There is very real concern among the industry that there will be an insufficient supply of qualified labour to meet the huge growth that the sector will see over the next ten years.

What is ITP doing?

ITP operates the Youth Career Initiative (YCI) programme - a 24-week hotel based education programme that provides disadvantaged young people with life and work skills. The purpose is to empower young people to make informed career choices and to realise the options available to them. YCI has an 85%

success rate, with that many graduates either finding employment or going into further studies after their YCI experience. The programme is run in partnership with ITP member hotel properties and local NGOs around the world with YCI Regional Co-ordinators based in London, India, Ethiopia and Brazil.

Over 75 million young people around the world are looking for work, and in some regions youth unemployment is particularly acute. While key reasons include lack of access to training and jobs, our industry is in a unique position to provide opportunity to youth on both fronts. Marriott has been working in this space for over three decades and ITP is helping us to magnify this impact through industry collaboration and collective goal setting that helps to further strengthen our communities as well as our business

Niki Zoli, Director, Social Impact, Marriott International

What can I do next?

Contact us if you are interested in learning how your property or company can participate in or support the Youth Career Initiative programme.